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How You Can Help.

I look forward to working with you in finding a suitable buyer for your business. You, as the seller, are an integral part of the total marketing program. I would like to offer a few recommendations that will help in our marketing efforts.

First of all, it would be helpful if you took a good look at your business from the perspective of a buyer. Try to put yourself in the place of a potential purchaser of the business. What would you do to make it more attractive or saleable?

Obviously, the financial records of your business are critical to the sale, but how the physical features appear are also important. First impressions really count! If a potential buyer doesn’t like the appearance of your business, the rest of it may never get a chance. Here’s what you can do to maximize the potential of your business:

  • Keep normal operating hours. There may be a tendency to “let down” when you put your business up for sale. However, it’s important that prospective buyers see your business at its best.
  • Repair signs, replace outside lights, paint areas that need it, and above all else, make sure that the building and grounds are clean and tidy.
  • Maintain your inventory at a constant level. If you let your inventory slide, your business will look neglected. If anything, increase your inventory so your business will look busy. Inventory increases will be recovered in the selling price.
  • Remove items that will not be included in the sale or make a complete list of any non-sale items. Also, remove any inoperative equipment or items that will have no value to the sale of the business.
  • Look at your processes and make sure they are neat and efficient. These include financial systems, operating manuals, and procedures, and anything else of a paperwork or operating nature.

Our goal in the sale of your business is to maximize the net proceeds that you will get from its sale and to make the sale in a reasonable amount of time. Everything that we can do together will contribute to that effort