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Things I Can Do For You.

Match buyers and sellers.

If you’re a seller, I can do the first phase of evaluation of buyers and only bring qualified buyers to you. If you’re looking to buy a business, i will ask you lots of questions and know exactly what you’re looking for. I may even be able to help you decide what kind of business might be best for you to purchase, given your resources, abilities, and interests.

Come up with a fair market value.

If you’re selling or buying you want a broker who has a strong knowledge of current market conditions. I can best give you an idea of what the market is currently paying for comparable business and where needed arrange for a formal business appraisal.

Facilitate the negotiating process

Since selling a business is at least as emotionally charged as selling a home, you’ll benefit greatly from a go-between who can handle all aspects of the transaction while keeping each party cool. I can speak more candidly to each party involved in the transaction that they could manage on their own.

Shield you from publicity.

I will be discrete about the sale of your business. Employees may get nervous if they learn that a business is for sale. Suppliers and creditors may also want to stop doing business with you if word gets out that you are selling.

Untangle red tape.

I will know the most efficient way to acquire all the necessary permits and licenses and will know how to locate financing and a reputable escrow company. This helps to eliminate many potential risks to you.